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Classic Battlefields, Reimagined

Fray X redefines next-gen shooter games, placing you in high-adrenaline Capture the Flag skirmishes across diverse maps like casinos, space stations, and night markets, where unique strategies and unexpected encounters reshape classic Free for All and Team vs Team battles.

Planets will be Lost

Brace yourself for War Mode, a grand battlefield teeming with over 50 concurrent players where strategy and quick reflexes are your lifeline. Amidst the chaos, commandeer tanks and trucks, mobilize your forces, and carve your path to victory, one tactical maneuver at a time.

The Heist

In Bank Heist mode, you'll infiltrate the ultra-secure vaults of the Party Ape Billionaire Club. Planting a bomb tests your stealth and strategy, every decision critical in this race against time within a world of wealth and power.

HD 4k resolution! only $3.99

Prepare yourself

Step into the thrilling battlefields of Fray X

The Confluence is not just about the games, it's about the players and the identities they bring into the metaverse. In Fray X, the power of NFTs is unleashed in a spectacular fashion, offering players the chance to step into the digital shoes of their favorite characters from various NFT projects within the Confluence. Engage in high-octane fights with your beloved Shiba Social, strategize missions with the sharp minds of the Billionaire Club's Party Apes, or conquer maps with the rugged resilience of Gooniez. It's an explosive, immersive experience that connects the vast reaches of the Confluence Universe, bridging communities, and cementing alliances. This is the future of gaming – immersive, interconnected, and relentlessly engaging. This is Fray X.